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  The Kingston Police Department received a call from an employee with the Kingston Water Department stating they had a local business owner come to the office to report he had received a call from someone saying they were with the Kingston Water Department and if he did not pay an unstated amount of money his water would be turned off in two hours.  The Water Department also received a call from the Harriman Utility Board stating one of their customers called with the same complaint.  They reported the call came from 1-888-572-0998 and it came back to a Robert Green.  An employee in the Kingston Water Department called the number and a person answered the phone as "Kingston Water Department."  Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam called the number and a person with a foreign accent answered the phone as "Kingston Water Department and asked for a phone number."  Chief Washam gave them the Police Department number and the person stated, "This is the Kingston Police Department how can I help you?"  Chief Washam stated his name and tried to get some information and the call was terminated. 

It is NOT the policy of the Kingston Water Department to accept credit or debit card payments by phone or to make phone calls for the purpose of collecting payment of any kind.   

The Kingston Public Library is currently taking applications for a part-time position.  This position will have flexible scheduling.  Applications may be picked up at the Library.  For further information regarding qualifications, you may call (865) 376-9905.

Public Works employees have given away 12 bicycles so far and have 20 left.  If you know a child who would like a refurbished bike call Tim Clark at 376-2114 or 388-9657.




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